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Shiraz blanc no 2 14 02 10

Inside each one of these blue-red-purple Shiraz skins lies a heart of colourless (clear) juice. Getting it out and making the world’s most different white wine without the dye in the skins making it red is a Nico Vermeulen speciality. In a few months you’ll be able to taste and see the proof of the pudding.

Making white wine from red grapes is like taking the brown out of chocolate.

Nico Vermeulen has made a study out of what makes red wine red. And now he knows how to take the red colour out.

Why does he want to do that? Because Shiraz Blanc has a unique taste in the way that every grape variety has a different flavour. As soon as you make the wine with the red skins, the whole taste profile changes.

Shiraz Blanc is crisp and racy, filled with light and bright fruit flavours, like kiwi and litchi. Blows your mind away.

How does he do it?

He has to squeeze the red Shiraz grapes to get the juice out. Normally, the dye in the skins then colours the juice pink, just like pink Zinfandel.

The secret is in the squeezing. You can get clear juice if you know how to squeeze.

In two and half weeks time, the pickers will come into this vineyard to cut the bunches off.

I will keep you up to date on the process and its progress.

When the Shiraz grapes are in the press and the squeeze is on, Nico will throw a few baskets of orange-skinned Viognier grapes on to the top of the pile, because Shiraz and Viognier go together like ice cream and hot chocolate.

Nico and Stanley in Shiraz blanc block 02 10

Stanley Louw, the Shiraz vineyard owner, points out the direction of sunrise in the mountain-blocked valley. This vineyard was chosen because it get 4 hours less direct sun every day in summer, perfect for making white wine


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