About Dido Wines

Welcome to Dido Wines. On this site you will find an online diary of life in the world of wine. We aim to share with you fun stories, news, and events from around the world of wine, as well as the the life (both ups and downs) of working in the worlds second most competitive industry !
The name DIDO comes from the ancient Queen of Carthage. Just like the original DIDO we at DIDO wines constantly innovate and strive for the best.

A Short History on Dido

The original DIDO ran away from home, pitched her tent on a barren shore and became a Queen. How can you do better?
Her children established colonies wherever you could make riches and ruled the world from their home, Carthage.
This happy story had a twist. Dido chose to die for love.
Dido’s vineyards abound with love.
Like Dido’s colonies they are where each one is best. Follow Dido and discover where Sauvignon Blanc sings, where Pinotage is unrivalled and Pinot Grigio breaks hearts.



The very first world cup

Contrary to popular wisdom, the very first world cup was held in Tunisia, North Africa, about 3000 years ago. Dido, a refugee Princess from Tyre in Syria and her sailors pitched up on a boat.They were looking for a home and all of the things that sailors want.

The locals were knocking a goatskin ball around on the beach. “You can’t off-load here unless you can beat Beached dhowus”. The Dido Empire

The rest is history. Dido’s team won. Dido became Queen of Carthage. And we Africans have waited a long time to do it again. This time, at home here in Mzansi.




A bull story

Dido and the bulls skinDido wanted a home. The King of Lybia wanted the bull that Dido had brought on the boat. They agreed a deal. She could have the piece of beach that the bull was standing on while he took the bull.

“First I have to skin him”, said Dido. “And I’ll use the skin to measure out my plot”. The king agreed.

Dido cut the bull’s skin into spaghetti-wide strips and laid them end-to-end to make a rectangle on the beachfront.

From this small beginning, Carthage grew to rule the world. Guys, there’s hope for Bafana yet.

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