Mzansi Wine Tour

Mzansi“Mzansi” is township (grassroots) slang for “here where we we live”, “home”, “us southern Africans”, and probably includes residents of Lesotho and Swaziland as well as South Africa. Literally it means “south” as in the compass point, just as that word does in English.

Check the map below to find venues that are participating in the Mzansi wine tour.

View Dido Mzansi Wine Route in a larger map

The above map shows the current Dido Wine route partners, more select partners will be added as we go along.

Read all about the Mzansi wine tour by clicking this link.

To join the Dido Wines and Mzansi Wine tour all you need to do is download the Foursquare app to your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry phone for free by clicking here.

Raise a glass to the Mzansi Spirit.

Sala Kahle

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