Lets be Frank….

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It’s been said a million times before, but people want meaning in their lives. When it comes to buying something – parting with hard-earned dosh – it’s natural to feel that you deserve some kind of bang for your buck. Because you do!
We’re working on 38 wines and there will be at least 38 packages to work on for all of these things that we are creating this vintage. Each of these wines has a story – they have provenance, a maker, something remarkable about them – but we should be doing everything we can to make them engaging too.
I stumbled across this earlier and it made me chuckle. Perhaps “B Frank” takes engagement too far, but it addresses a key point: that everyone’s reason for buying each bottle of wine is different: the wine is as much a social object as a mode of refreshment.

B Frank: a striking idea, though maybe a step too far?

I’m not sure that I’d have the guts to fire somebody via a wine label, but imagine a package like this in a bar or restaurant – folks would love to play with it; it’d become the talking point of the evening. Which is more than most bottles of wine ever become… so these guys are clearly on to something…

Via: Underground Winemaking

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